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Our Stump Grinder Story 

 Terry Mccurter founder of A & N Stump grinder and Tree Service

    Has over 35 years of arborist experience.  With some of the skilled workers we have a combined 65 years experience as a  tree cutting service and also able to remove a tree stump in minutes . How we got into this business is allot like you being hear today .  I had a problem with a big tree stump and no way to get rid of it.  So I decided to build a machine to help.  I invented a Stump Grinder over 35 years ago.  I have built and designed many since that first machine.  But back to my story.  The first tree stump I took out I dug out by hand it took me 2  weeks and it was still there out of the ground but I could not move it.  There had to be a better way... Which brings me to the machine.  I had lots of steal and engions laying around so the first stump grinder was born.  I took my 2 ed stump out in just 45 minutes.  The next door neighbor saw and payed me $45 to take his tree stump out.  Word of mouth has kept me in the stump removal business ever since.  We expanded to include a full Tree Service.  Hired a professional arborist to help with the tree removal service

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Professional Arborist to remove that Tree Stump or Tree Removal for dead trees Quickly an safely

 We pride our self's on fast affordable Tree Service.  We monitor our competitors stump removal prices and try to keep our prices just below theirs . Our Tree cutting service is the same. We have the biggest stump grinder in Hartman . Serving Clarksville, Ozark , Scranton, Paris, Russiville and surrounding areas.

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simply the best stump grinding and tree trimming service in Arkansas

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